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Price For Breaking A Back - Suspended Sentence, $100.00, Community Service

Tony Woods went to court Thursday after beating up his girlfriend and the mother of his child, and here's what happened. And then we'll tell you why it sucks.

He was given 60 days suspended sentence, 100 hours of community service, required to do anger management, pay a $100 dollar fine, and be screened periodically for drugs and alcohol.

Before we go on, you should know his attack fractured his (hopefully ex) girlfriend's spine.

Okay, ready for the jawdropper?

The judge is  a Wake law grad and a member of the faculty. If he's a season ticket holder, or a member of the booster club, well, wouldn't that be charming.

How in the world does he think it's acceptable not to recuse himself in this situation? Even if just for appearances?  Good Lord.  The mind boggles.