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New Schedule - MSU, Butler Highlight

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The new schedule came out Thursday, and as usual, there are some interesting games.

Duke opens the season against Princeton's revived basketball program. Naturally, they run the Princeton offense, which can be challenging.

The Princeton game is part of the CBE Classic, which will feature Marquette, Gonzaga, and Kansas state along with Duke.

Those four teams are guaranteed to make it to the finals of the event. We don't mean because they will win, although they probably will. Rather, the promoters saw to it that win or lose, those four teams would be in the finals.

Duke also travels to Oregon, where they will take on each EJ Singler and his Oregon Duck teammates.

But the big games are arguably Michigan State and Butler.

Michigan State is loaded, and after last spring, a rematch between Duke and Butler was inevitable.

Also featured: Bradley, St. Louis,Temple and Elon, at home, Greensboro on the road., Birmingham in Cameron in January, and then a trip to the Garden to play the Johnnies and new coach Steve Lavin. You might remember that Lavin canceled the series between Duke and UCLA once upon a time.

In conference matchups, Duke has home and home with Miami, Virginia, State, and of course Maryland and Carolina.

The best news is playing State twice. Somehow, the ACC needs get traditional rivalries back on track. It just feels weird playing once a year.

Single games are Florida State in Tallahassee, Wake Forest in Winston, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, and Boston College, Georgia Tech, and Clemson in Durham.

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