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A Good Recruiting Read!

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Our pal Dan Weiderer has a column up on ACC recruiting which focuses heavily on Austin Rivers, who of course is down to Duke, UNC, and Kansas, but also touches on Quin Cook, and follows up with a roundup of news, including one we missed: the late Mel Turpin's son, 6-11 Kiel, has signed with Florida State.

His father you may recall committed suicide in July. In general, the ACC is a compassionate league, once you get past a certain level of generally accepted rudeness.  We hope everyone (listen up Terps) is decent to him and doesn't do what Arizona State did to Steve Kerr when his father was murdered in Beirut (they taunted him about it, as unimaginably cruel as that is.  Kerr just destroyed them in that game, too).

"Melvin Turpin's name will forever be alongside of mine. I'll be forever thankful for the contributions he made to make my game look better. There's no way I would have been the second pick in the NBA draft if it wasn't for Melvin Turpin. There's no way I'd be in the position I'm in today if it wasn't for Melvin Turpin's self-sacrifice for the betterment of Sam Bowie."

Of course, part of the position he's in now is as a trivia question: who made the stupidest pick in the history of the NBA?  Answer: Portland, when they picked the oft-injured Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan.

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