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Gary - $200 Stipend Makes Sense

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Gary Williams is all for the NCAA paying $200 monthly stipends to players in revenue sports.  As we understand it - and some of you probably understand this better - there is a problem with paying just revenue sport athletes.  We can't remember the details at the moment, but it involves Title IX, among other things.  Since the NCAA tourney money at least partly helps keep athletic departments as a whole afloat, and since all but a handful are losing money, that's not such a great idea.

But if we're going to limit this to revenue athletes, how about this?  Let Gary and his colleagues foot the bill. The NCAA allows 85 football scholarships and 13 (D-1) in basketball.   That's 98 total, or $19,600 monthly following his suggestion of $200 per. That works out to  a maximum of $156,800 a year for each member school (as always, and especially after today, check our math).  Where does it come from?  Why not shoe contracts?

Gary and company can kick in money from their shoe contracts into a general fund and redistribute it to revenue-sport athletes.  Let him put his money where his mouth is!

Or a more practical suggestion:  since football is clearly the center of college athletics, ditch the bowl system, institute a legitimate playoff system to produce an unquestioned national champion, and use that money.

The interest from the 1-AA playoffs is instructive.  That's a really intense system and tends to produce great title games.  If it's good enough for App State, then it's good enough for Ohio State.

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