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The Good And The Bad For UK

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It was pretty clear that as soon as Kentucky signed John Calipari, recruiting was going to improve, and, well, it certainly has. Calipari has landed his second tremendous class in a row and has a strong start on the next class as well.  But that could prove to be a double-edged sword.

We got a bit of a hint of this this summer when Calipari said that UK's success on draft night was the greatest night in Kentucky history.  Former Kentucky great Dan Issel, among others, slammed Calipari for saying it. At Kentucky, championships are the measuring stick, and what will the pressure get like if the talent is there but titles don't ensue?  With Duke and UNC creeping up with four and five respectively, Kentucky's second place total of seven (UCLA of course is first with 11) isn't as secure as it once was.

And that matters a lot - look how the whole race for first place in win totals put the whole state on the ledge when UNC briefly overtook them. Kentucky is currently 19 up on UNC (2,023 to 2,004). It'll be interesting to see the reaction if the NCAA voids last season over eligibility questions around Eric Bledsoe's eligibility last season. That'd push UK back to 1,998 and in third place behind Kansas.

Incidentally, the Alabama High School Athletic Association's report on Bledsoe is to be released on Friday.

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