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Hammered In Wade, But Some Good Things Too

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Obviously, losing by 49 is no one's idea of a fun Saturday afternoon.  But there were some bright spots.

First, Duke is the only team to score a touchdown on Alabama this season.  Second, they scored more than Penn State did against Alabama's vaunted defense.

And third, the running game did reasonably well against a nightmare defense, rushing for 146 yards (#18 Penn State managed 127).

And while it's not exactly bright, when you want to measure yourself, you want to play the best. Did Duke do that?  Yes.  Do they have a long ways to go?  Yes.  Anybody giving up?  Uh, no.

David Cutcliffe is still improving the program, and they'll dust themselves off and get after it next weekend vs. Army.

Still, the defense has a long way to go. They've given up 110 points in the last two games, and you just can't get anything done like that.  They'll need to tighten up, and quickly.  They are young, but that won't stop people from smashing their teeth in if they let them.

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