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Two Jokes In Search Of A Punchline

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There was a classic Far Side cartoon from the 80s with a bar full of rough and tough cowboys...and two midgets. The joke was that one midget was honed in on the other and saying stuff like "hey you! Yeah, you!"

We mention this because it reminds of this spat between Gregg Doyel and some UNC fans who took exception to some recent comments he made about their football program.

This sort of taunting is pretty easy to do from a distance.  If Doyel is as tough as he likes to pretend, he should zip down to Franklin Street and try it in a bar one Saturday night.

On the other hand, it would probably be about like the cartoon.

Speaking of UNC football, the state is getting involved: Marvin Austin sat down with investigators from the Secretary of State's office Friday.

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