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K's Back In The Saddle!

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Coach K spoke to the media Thursday, after his return from Turkey, and had some interesting comments, among them:

  • "I love coaching.  So I want to see what Kyle [Singler] and Nolan [Smith, both Blue Devils seniors] can do, see where Mason and Miles [Plumlee] are at; how cool would it be if two brothers vault to another level? And what can Kyrie Irving do as a freshman."
  • "Physically, I feel really good," he said. "But there is a lot of emotion, and coming after winning the national title, and doing that [with the U.S. team], I'm not complaining. [That] I had two of the purest experiences of my life in a five month period at this time in my career is crazy, lucky good.
  • "...I want to have another experience with my Duke team, obviously, we're on the road recruiting, but just before the start of practice, I've got to make sure I get away a little bit, whatever that means."
  • "If this was the season, [Kyle Singler, who was 'scoped recently would] play today. But there's no reason to do that, just give him more time. So probably around October 1, he'll get back."

Also, Dave Glenn has an interview up with Coach K which is worth listening to.

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