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Sun-Times Fires Back At UK!

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The argument between Kentucky and the Chicago Sun-Times continues as the newspaper upped the ante by by publishing a column alleging that "[s]ources from three separate universities" confirmed that star recruit Anthony Davis had been shopped around by his father, who, again allegedly, had been offered between $125,000 and $150,000. If any of that is true, obviously Kentucky is the high bidder. The Davis's have strenuously denied all of this.

As noted before, the Wildcats are hopping mad over this story and deny it as well.

Coincidentally or not, the newspaper says that he had three finalists -- Kentucky, Ohio State, and Syracuse -- and that DePaul had made a late push. Are we to believe that Ohio State, Syracuse, and DePaul put in the three losing bids?

A minor point, but this isn't the first time that Calipari has faced potential trouble from Chicago: at Memphis, his Final Four season was vacated over Derrick Rose's test scores.

The one thing which would be interesting if a lawsuit is filed would be if various coaches were put under oath and questioned about recruiting. That would be fascinating.

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