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A Poll Worth Skewin'!

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Sol sent us this request for a poll skewin', and our attitude is anyone who cost them (you know who we mean) a fan deserves support from every Duke fan in the universe. Use every browser you've got!

I have an off topic poll skewin' request which requires a little bit of back story to explain it's applicability to DBR.

My parents met when they were both students at Duke in the sixties. I grew up in Durham, have been a lifelong Duke fan, and graduated from Duke in the class of 2000. My wife grew up Chapel Hill as a Carolina fan, her entire family has degrees from Carolina, and she is currently working on a 3rd degree (Ph.D.) from there. I won't say anything about what she teaches because she's already landed in hot water for the Iron Dukes pin she now wears on her bag, but I'm getting ahead of the story.

Given that I never miss a Duke basketball game, when we moved in together my wife started watching all the games with me. She got to know all the players (with particular affection for Dave McClure) and even cheered for Duke as long as we weren't playing Carolina. Then about a year and a half ago we were out in our front yard doing some gardening--we live just a few blocks from Duke's East Campus--and a few neighborhood kids wearing Duke shirts ran by. She looked at me thoughtfully and said "Our kids are going to be Duke fans, aren't they?" I just grinned and nodded my head, knowing that this was the clincher--she just couldn't see herself cheering against her kids. Ever since she has been a loyal Duke fan.

As a side note, I will point out that this switch occurred in the midst of Carolina's championship season, which should quiet any accusations of bandwagon jumping.

Anyway, on March 18 of this year, a little more than a year after she made the switch, our first child Nathan was born. Two and a half weeks later we won the 2010 National Championship.

Now, with all that as back story, I present my request. We are currently in the running for the "Couple's Best Story of How You Met" and would like to ask DBR readers to vote for us (Sol and Sandi).

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