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Sypher Trial Update

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Here's the latest on the Sypher extortion trial: in perhaps a very poor choice of words considering the testimony this week, Karen Sypher told her ex-husband, Randy Wise, that "I'm going down. I'm going to take Pitino with me."

She also rejected a $100,000 dollar settlement offer from Pitino.

Another guy, named Tyree Fields, came forth to say that he had had a sexual relationship with her and that she confided in him that "...I was stupid. I shouldn't have done it, I know."

Meanwhile, Deadspin has posted three of the photos attorney Dana Kolter snapped as she was about to favor him with one of her apparent talents. The fourth shot, the "abdomen shot," is not posted, but the page still may qualify as NSFW.

Rick Pitino has taken a fair amount of abuse this week, but one guy, at least, has kind words for him: Seth Davis, who argues that while his behavior has been dismal, he is still the (alleged) victim in this case.

By the way, here's the difference between TV and print journalism. TV does stuff like this:

Kolter said it is something the law calls "Undo Influence," an exception he was planning to use in a civil suit.

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