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Chris Dudley's Big Move

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Chris Dudley was a bit of a joke as a basketball player, a punchline to a lot of jokes. He had no offense, not even from the free throw line, where he was a disaster.

But the guy hung around forever. Now he's running for governor in Oregon and, somewhat surprisingly as a Republican in Oregon, is in a dead heat with his Democratic opponent.

As is our tradition here at DBR, we always endorse anyone running on the basketball ticket, regardless of party, unless they are named Tarkanian. So good luck to Dudley as he seeks to become the tallest governor in American history.

Disclaimer: for those who get offended by whoever we "endorsed" this time, please remember that this is, essentially, a joke, and that almost anyone running from the basketball world (not named Tarkanian),regardless of party affiliation, will also get our "endorsement."

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