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Drew Barry Update!

Drew Barry was one of our favorite Georgia Tech players, and we've always admired his game. Like the rest of his brothers, he's had to deal with his father Rick's rather complicated legacy. One of the greatest players of all time, Barry is, by most accounts, one of the biggest jerks in basketball (Sports Illustrated did a long article in 1983 on that very subject). This perception has kept him out of coaching as well.

Anyway, Drew, like all his brothers, had to separate himself from his father's legacy. He's done that in a number of ways, notably by attaching himself firmly to his children, including his daughter, Kylie, who was diagnosed with cancer at just 18 months.

He concludes this article with this: "My father was extremely successful in this sport, but he was arrogant and brash and burned a lot of bridges. I've tried to learn from his mistakes."

Sounds like he's succeeded.