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Lance Stephenson In Trouble

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Lance Stephenson, who had gone a long way towards improving his overall reputation, set that effort back a long ways Sunday morning when he got into a fight with his girlfriend, who is the mother of his child, and allegedly shoved her down a flight of stairs and then slammed her head on a step -- because she wouldn't answer the phone.

His attorney issued this statement to Adam Zagoria:

“The allegations against Lance Stephenson Jr. are very serious. Mr. Stephenson did not maliciously, intentionally or in any other way cause harm to Jasmine Williams.

“Everyone, especially Lance, regrets that this incident occurred. We look forward to addressing these charges in the appropriate venue.”

Well, maybe the attorney does. We're guessing Stephenson wishes it could all just go away. But if the charges stick, it'll never go away. This is heading into Lawrence Phillips territory.

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