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USA Prevails Over France!

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So far, so good: the US won its first exhibition game against France, pulling away in the second half for an 86-55 win.

The team was led by Rudy Gay with 19, Chauncey Billups with 17, and Kevin Durant with 14.

It may well turn out that Durant is the key to the team, and Coach K, like a lot of people who have worked with Durant, is urging him to be more selfish.

The thing about Durant which a lot of people don't realize is that he may have more in common with Michael Jordan than anyone else in the NBA today, with the possible exception of Kobe Bryant.

Why would we say that? Because Durant has work habits which Jordan himself would appreciate, and nobody in recent memory ever worked harder at his game than did Jordan.

At whatever point he decides to be aggressive and selfish, Durant's game is going to explode. And it's not like it's shabby now.

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