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Tark The Snark!

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Recently, the Las Vegas Review-Journal decided to rank UNLV's best players ever, an attempt which caught the interest of former coach Jerry Tarkanian, who took issue with a number of the rankings, sometimes perhaps a bit harshly.

Everyone accepted Larry Johnson as the best, but Tark diverged after that. Check out some of his comments below; some are pretty funny.

20. Lewis Brown is too high. He was a pain in the ass in a lot of ways.

24. Jackie Robinson is too high. Jackie couldn't shoot. He could jump to the moon, but he couldn't shoot.

31. Anthony Jones is ranked too low. He was a hell of a player. I'd say he should be in the top 20. He was better than Gerald Paddio (19), Bob Florence (17) and Larry Anderson (16). Paddio could shoot the ball. But I used to tell him not to pass the ball because he would turn it over.

89. I don't think Karl James should be ranked.

97. Michael Loyd should not be on the list. He hardly played for us his last year, and he transferred to Azusa Pacific.

Good stuff.

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