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Day Four: Pitino Cross

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Day four of the Sypher trial resulted in more embarrassment for the principals. Pitino brought out his old persona, the Bart Simpson/Eddy Haskell side that we're not always aware of because the mask is on.

It was pretty clear Thursday because it slipped, and he got into some spats with Sypher's attorney.

As for Sypher, although this is all starting to run together, we now that she: 1) developed an on-and-off relationship with the man the gas company sent out to do some work at her house; 2) she had a late-night encounter with Pitino, whom she had just met, in a restaurant; 3) she is accused of servicing an attorney in exchange for his writing Pitino a threatening letter; 4) she went to the abortion clinic in Cincy with Tim Sypher and had sex with him a week later; 5) offered her gas friend the same sexual favor she offered the attorney in exchange making a couple of calls to frighten Pitino, while married to Sypher.

Who knows what will come of this, but we will wager on this: there is a certain type of family that will never let Pitino come near their sons after this.

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