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Pitino Takes The Stand

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On Wednesday,Rick Pitino took the stand and testified against Karen Sypher. There were some very interesting details revealed. First, Pitino said the entire act, consensual according to him, rape according to Sypher, lasted only 15 seconds. Secondly, although this is no longer news, Pitino was willing to have sex with a woman he had just met, just a few feet away from his friends, in a restaurant. Third, he said that she initiated the encounter and unzipped him for his 15 seconds of glory.

He said that she drove him home afterwards, and argued that a woman who just been raped would not have done so. He was also forced to read a transcript of the conversation he had with Sypher which she secretly recorded. You can listen to it on the Courier-Journal website here.

There are several things in this case which now are probably working against Sypher. On the audio tape, she denies any knowledge of the phone calls made to Pitino, which is clearly a lie. She also offered sexual favors to two men with specific goal of a quid pro quo. In the letter her attorney ( one of the men to whom she offered sexual favors) sent to Pitino, Sypher claims she gave him a ride home because it snowed. However, the events in the Louisville restaurant took place in August 2003. She again denied any knowledge of the phone calls.

We will be interested to hear her testimony, if she indeed takes the stand. It's worth remembering that this case is not about an alleged rape but about an alleged extortion attempt, and that her guilt has to be proved. Still, so far, there's not much working in Sypher's favor.

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