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Let's Hope They All Underestimate Team USA

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This idea that the national team is somehow inferior because none of the members of the Olympic team returned is getting kind of old. Are they as good as the Olympic team? Probably not. Is there a team in the field with the same level of talent? Almost certainly not.

Look, obviously it's a new group and a younger group. But there's some significant talent and flexibility, and when you look at the Coach K template, this team has it: versatile players, fast, strong guards, immense defensive potential, and outstanding shooters.

Just as a stray thought, imagine what he would've done if he had Stephen Curry at Duke.

As always, there's no guarantee anymore that the USA wins international competitions. But like last time, this bunch is going to play hard, play together, and play a style that no one else can match. Blue-collar sounds about right.

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