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A Couple Of Good Duke Reads

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We missed this over the weekend, but Gary Parrish has a nice column up on Nolan Smith. Dan Weiderer has a column up as well on Duke's participation with the USA Select team.

Apparently, some people are referring to this as the B team because none of the recent Olympians are participating.

Fine. Show us one team in the world which has a Derrick Rose, a Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant.

Although young, this is a very talented team, with questions about the frontcourt. But let's remember, the Olympic team had the same size questions.

A Coach K team is built around quick defenders, pressure, aggressiveness, and good three-point shooting. We worry too much about the big men. If an opponent is smart, they will be worried about Andre Iguodola, who, in the hands of Mike Krzyzewski, is a stiletto.

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