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K, Colangelo, Get Closer To Roster

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Coach K and Jerry Colangelo have pared the roster down to two teams for the USA Basketball Showcase. Here are the groups:

Blue team: Chauncey Billups (Denver Nuggets); Tyreke Evans (Sacramento Kings); Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies); Jeff Green (Oklahoma City Thunder); Brook Lopez (New Jersey Nets); Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves); O.J. Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies); JaVale McGee (Washington Wizards); Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics); and Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder).

White team: Tyson Chandler (Dallas Mavericks); Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder); Eric Gordon (Los Angeles Clippers); Danny Granger (Indiana Pacers); Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers); Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers); Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls); and Gerald Wallace (Charlotte Bobcats).

You can scratch Tyreke Evans though; he's tweaked his ankle and will not continue.

Our money is on the white team: with Curry and Durant and Derrick Rose, that's a tough combination. and you can believe that Coach K will know how to deploy Iguodala.

Obviously, only half of these guys will play this summer, but there are some intriguing candidates here.

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