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Big (Seriously) News From Marist

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It went somewhat under the radar, but Marist won a major victory and possibly a legal precedent when they successfully sued former coach Matt Brady, and his new employers, James Madison University.

Marist had two grounds for their lawsuit: first, Brady was required to obtain written permission to negotiate with another school, which he failed to do; secondly, he was not supposed to contact the players he had recruited for Marist if he left for another job.

The judge will announce a decision on damages next week.

This could be a really big deal. You may remember for instance that when John Calipari took the Kentucky job, he took most of his Memphis recruits with him.

Just for fun, let's imagine that in reverse: how fast would Wildcat fans press Kentucky to sue Calipari if he left town and took an excellent class with him? Things would really hit the fan if that happened.

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