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What Do You Do With $14 Million?

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You've probably seen the reports of what Duke spends on basketball, but to put it in perspective, Duke spends more on hoops than 22 BCS football teams.

There's no question that nearly $14 million will pay for a lot of basketball, but no one has ever really broken that number down.

For instance, does that include the investment in the new practice facility? And we're assuming that it includes tuition. For the upcoming season, basketball scholarships will cost around $500,000.

Beyond that, you can reasonably assume a travel budget, a food budget, an equipment budget, and of course the recruiting budget.

Actually, you should probably expect multiple equipment budgets. There's the basic stuff -- basketball, jerseys, socks and shoes, much of which is provided by Nike. Then there's the next level of training equipment, some of which is very sophisticated and quite expensive.

Then there's the media budget, and the one which most likely would surprise people, the technical budget.

We have no idea how much any of it costs, but Duke has a vast amount of technical equipment from laptops to video editing systems to projector systems.

And then, of course there are salaries.

Coach K's most recent salary was pegged at over $4 million.

It's reasonable to guess that the assistants collectively make somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000, and that's not counting everyone else in the program. lists 15 people on the basketball staff, but that doesn't include the training staff, for instance.

Anyway, it's a parlor game, but you can see pretty quickly that things add up.

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