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UNC Investigation Takes Interesting Twist

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Either last fall or the fall before, you may remember that South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders, a Durham native, enjoyed the idea of sticking it to State on the field (“I’m going to talk to Coach (Steve) Spurrier beforehand and see if he’s OK if I get a 15-yard penalty, because I’m gonna do some sort of extra celebration if I get a touchdown on the Wolfpack.”).

A small sidelight of the story was that he is the son of N&O columnist Barry Saunders.

Now, the father is in a bit of a sticky situation as his son is apparently involved in the NCAA investigation into UNC football.

As a columnist, Saunders is fairly outspoken and has made clear that he is a UNC fan and has no great love for Duke.

We're not sure that the NCAA has ever investigated somebody whose father had a significant media perch.

We would suggest keeping an eye on his column with this in mind: if he doesn't address this, that's more significant than if he does.

And if he does, odds are he will have some interesting things to say and somebody will end up looking like a... well, a heel.

But who?

Currently, he is declining to comment.

It should also be interesting to see just what The News & Observer allows him to do, because clearly, he has a conflict of interest.

At the heart of this is a trip to Miami and who paid for it.

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