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Doug Hinds Appreciation #1

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Ellie and I learned of Doug's death a few minutes ago. It is not easy for me to collect my thoughts at this time--but I will try.

I met Doug approximately 25 years ago. It didn't take me long to see that Doug "lived for Duke" and loved Duke so much. Doug knew everyone associated with the Duke basketball program and he also knew all the fans. I always said about Doug that I thought he knew every one of the 9814 fans at Cameron, and I think he introduced me to almost each and every one of them.

Doug and I would go to Las Vegas every year(before his stroke)to watch the best high school players Duke was recruiting. Doug and I would then decide who Duke should offer scholarships to. Doug had strong opinions(we didn't always agree on which players were Duke worthy),and it was always fun to look back and see who did a better job years later. We both had our great picks-and our misses.

We'd always meet up for the Alaska trips, Maui trips,N.Y. trips, and of course the UNC game. Doug hated UNC as much as me! While Doug left this world way too early, I almost think he timed his own death. I know he would of wanted to leave only after a Duke basketball National Championship. I also know he would only have wanted to go when Duke was the Preseason #1 team, and the future looks so very bright. I truly believe Doug is smiling in heaven, and that he will be with me(in spirit) next week when I'm in Las Vegas. Doug will be sorely missed!!!!!

Mike Ziegler

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