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Two Interesting Factors For Maryland's Future

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If you want to start running down some the great unpredictables of the upcoming season, you can start with these two, which intersect nicely: first, the effect of separating Debbie Yow and Gary Williams will have a Maryland's program, and specifically on Maryland's recruiting. Yow really kept pressure on Williams to see to it that his team performed academically and to raise graduation rates as well.

That will surely continue, but not as aggressively as it was under Yow.

Secondly, while assistant coaches often go under the radar for the general public, do not underestimate the potential impact of Maryland's new hire, Orlando "Bino" Ranson.

One of Gary's big drawbacks has always been his distaste for recruiting. He's done a remarkable job getting his own kinds of guys and teaching them to play his system, but only rarely has he gotten elite players.

And certainly when you see the sort of talent the state has produced lately, when you're talking about Rudy Gay, Michael Beasley, or Nolan Smith, just to name a few, there's no reason why Maryland should have trouble getting some of those kids to play in College Park.

Ranson has a chance to significantly change that.

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