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Latest On UVa Lax Case

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There's a lot about the Virginia lacrosse case which we don't know and we may never know everything, but what does seem clear is that George Huguely has issues with violence which seem to be aggravated by alcohol.

If the accounts of his behavior are to be believed, he has threatened to kill a policewoman and had to be tasered to be restrained, had to be forcibly separated from the late Yeardley Love on one occasion by three other lacrosse players, and punched a sleeping teammate in the face after suspecting that he had kissed Love.

If all this turns out to be true, it constitutes a pattern of behavior which should have set off alarm bells. We're not saying anyone could have predicted what happened would happen, but the behavior described is all dangerous and suggests someone with poor impulse control and very poor anger management skills.

It seems to us at this point that all parties agree that Huguely visited Loves room, kicked his way in, and assaulted her. His attorneys however maintain that her death was an accident. That's for the courts to sort out.

If someone had helped him to deal with his issues, though, Love might still be alive, and the semantics of her death would be unnecessary.

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