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Wears Bail On Heels (New Links!)

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The Wear twins have decided to depart from UNC, according to their father. They follow both Deon Thompson (graduates) and Ed Davis (NBA) out of Chapel Hill, leaving Tyler Zeller and John Henson to hold down the fort inside.

Next Year's Roster
<!a href="">NO NAME <!a href="">POS <!a href="">HT <!a href="">WT <!a href="">CLASS
11 <!a href="">Larry Drew II G 6-2 180 Junior
13 <!a href="">Will Graves G-F 6-6 240 Senior
31 <!a href="">John Henson F 6-10 195 Sophomore
15 <!a href="">Leslie McDonald G 6-4 215 Sophomore
5 <!a href="">Dexter Strickland G 6-3 180 Sophomore
24 <!a href="">Justin Watts G 6-4 210 Junior
44 <!a href="">Tyler Zeller F 7-0 240 Junior
Harrison Barnes F 6-8 210 Freshman
Reggie Bullock F 6-5 190 Freshman
Kendall Marshall G 6-3 172 Freshman

Good things they have Harrison Barnes on deck for a season because there isn't a single player on the roster who had a truly solid season last year. Henson was the closest. You have to wonder now if Barnes, who is going to have to spend time inside now, is regretting his decision.

Speaking of Henson, his (roughly) 3 AM Twitter says "I'm shocked ...didn't see this coming at"

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