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State Turns A New Page

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For the record, we're not big Lee Fowler fans, not because of any great insights into his job performance but rather because every so often he spouts off and says stupid things. As far as his job goes? Well who knows. State's got nice facilities and is in the black, but basketball and football have been weak and, much to our surprise, State has fallen to the back of the pack (sorry) in the ACC academically. For a while, post-Valvano, revenue sports stunk but at least the school was excelling academically. If you're going to stink academically, usually it's a shortcut for athletic success. We're not recommending it, mind you, but if you are going to stink in the one you ought to at least excel in the other.

So is firing him a good move? Time will tell. It's entirely possible that the ying-yang of the day - the arrival of the exuberant neophyte CJ Leslie, juxtaposed with the departure of an AD who had grown very unpopular, will be a turning point for State.

A good question is whether or not they will hire from within. That might work out if the candidate has vision, but it could backfire if he's just another backslapper. Wolfpack Club chief Bobby Purcell, for instance, has a lot to offer, but would he be a better hire than a guy like Wellman?

If it were us, we'd call Wellman, Kevin Smith, and Debby Yow, and ask them who they most respect in their profession and go talk to them right away.

Given the recent history at State, where Jim Valvano, Todd Turner, Les Robinson and now Fowler have either been run out of town or left fans relieved that they did leave, it's a key hire. It would do the program a world of good to have a strong, far-sighted athletic director.

Like this guy for instance.

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