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Bledsoe/UK Update

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According to ESPN's Dana O'Neill, Eric Bledsoe's high school issues could conceivably force Kentucky to forfeit games and possibly even his entire freshman season. Bledsoe played in 37 of 38 games for the Wildcats.

This of course would be a singular accomplishment for coach John Calipari, who would have a nearly insurmountable lead when it comes to truly screwing different schools.

For what it's worth, we do remember some muttering last season, after the Derrick Rose situation at Memphis, that there might be people with the NCAA who would relish another chance to go after Calipari.

And for a final how do you do, Kentucky's status is the all-time winningest program in the first to get to 2,000 wins would take a major hit. They would fall back to 1,986 if every game in which Bledsoe participated was forfeited.

They would also fall behind UNC again as the Tar Heels currently have 2,004 wins, which would drive many Kentucky faithful around the bend, and just behind them is Kansas, at 2,003. They would still be safely ahead of Duke however as the Devils are sitting in fourth place at 1,912.

Then again, the Blue Devils are national champions and in no danger of seeing their season wiped out.

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