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Lax Downs UVa, Plays N.D. For Title On Monday!

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In the Lacrosse Final Four, Duke beat Virginia in dramatic fashion, scoring with 12 seconds left to win 14-13. Thus ends Virginia's most vexing sports season ever, with both lacrosse teams losing to ACC rivals in the national tournament.

While it's probably less true for the men then it was for the women, we're sure that continuing the season allowed them to decompress if you will, to focus on something else other than the heinous murder of Yeardley Love by former teammate George Huguely.

We can't even begin to speculate on how something like that would affect a team, leave alone individuals. One doesn't even know where to begin.

While some might condemn the team and perhaps a coach for not understanding or anticipating Huguely's problems, no one else went through what they did. Like the women's team, the men were left to deal with the awful wreckage he left behind.

Now that the season's over, and the useful focus away from the senseless murder is gone, they'll have to deal with anything they have not yet dealt with. Our best wishes to both Virginia lacrosse teams as they embark upon what may be a tough summer. Hats off to them for showing a lot of fortitude.

Duke now moves on to play Notre Dame for the national title on Monday.

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