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Kentucky Scandal

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Well that didn't take long: if you were in the pool betting on when Kentucky would get in trouble under John Calipari, you may be a winner:

Eric Bledsoe, who stopped off in Lexington for a year before heading off to the NBA, now has the attention of NCAA investigators. They have some fairly specific questions about his high school work, and the activities of his high school coach, who allegedly paid his mother's rent, and supposedly told a college coach that he would have to be paid first before Bledsoe could sign with that school.

If it turns out that his grades were somehow manipulated, that would make an interesting follow-up to what happened at Memphis with Derrick Rose. As you will remember, Memphis had to forfeit Rose's single-season after his SAT score was found to be suspect.

And just to bring in one more element of the puzzle, Adrian Wojnarowski has a somewhat bizarre article up about Calipari's time with the Nets, which was apparently rife with paranoia. According to the other Wojo, Calipari has been trying to get back to the league ever since.

We can't comment on whether or not Calipari is a strange as Wojnarowski makes him out to be, but it's pretty safe to say this: the pressure that comes with the Nets job is peanuts compared to the pressure you get in Lexington.

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