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Kansas Scandal

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Out in Lawrence, Kansas is trying to undo the damage caused by the scalping scandal. Probably understandably, a lot of donors are seriously angry about not getting a crack at the missing tickets. If you gave a lot of money and were treated this way, you'd be angry too.

Meanwhile, the Pump brothers have issued a statement about their alleged part in the scheme. Gary Parrish printed it in his column:

Yahoo! Sports published an article [this week] regarding an investigation conducted by the University of Kansas into the unauthorized sale of tickets by certain campus employees. This article contains allegations regarding us by David Freeman, a three time convicted felon reportedly facing an 18th month prison sentence on a bribery charge. To be clear, we have always conducted our business operations in an ethical, legal, and professional manner. We were never contacted by the University of Kansas or any governmental entity in connection with this matter. Our names do not appear anywhere in the Kansas University report. We learned of the existence of the unauthorized ticket activities following the publication of the aforementioned article. Should the University of Kansas and/or any governmental agency wish to speak with us, we will be happy to cooperate. We have worked tirelessly to build our personal and professional reputations and to honor the memory of our late father by establishing the Harold Pump Foundation, a non-profit which has raised nearly $4 million to fight cancer. We will continue to pursue this passion knowing that we can rely upon the continuing assistance and support of our friends and colleagues.


Dana and David Pump

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