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In Praise Of UNC Fans

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One of the things that sets the ACC apart from almost every other conference is that there is a real sense of family here. We can hate each other on the field and accuse each other of all sorts of things, but when things get hard you see a real sense of compassion. You can think about Jim Valvano, Kay Yow, Len Bias, and the moving moment of silence in Cameron in 2008 when Duke honored the murdered president of the UNC student body, Eve Carson.

Most recent evidence of this is the deeply moving respect offered to the Virginia women's lacrosse team by UNC fans after the Tar Heels knocked them out of the lacrosse tournament.

After the murder of Yeardley Love, the team opted to play on which was probably a wise move because now the reality of what actually happened can no longer be avoided or postponed.

It was ugly, vicious, and nearly beyond belief.

The fact that those UNC fans had the class and dignity to give those women standing ovation as they head into the hardest stretch of their lives speaks very well of them.

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