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Our Kind Of Terp After All!

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Good thing this came out after graduation: as it turns out, Greivis Vasquez, according to Josh Hairston, is a bit of a Dukeophile.

These are comments Hairston made on 620 The Buzz:

"He talks about Duke all the time, how much he loves Coach K, the staff and the program itself...

"When I first met Greivis the first thing he kept talking about was how much he loved Duke and how much he loved Coach K. I thought he was being sarcastic at first but he's very serious about it.

"When they [Maryland] were knocked out of the NCAA Tournament we were running a camp together at Montrose (Hairston's high school for his senior season). A kid asked him who he wanted to win the tournament and he said 'Duke all the way'. He's always been a big Duke fan and he hopes we can pull it off. He is a true Duke fan even though he plays for Maryland."

Who knew?

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