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Mikhail Reconsiders

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This is pretty funny: as you remember, the Nets were going to do everything they could to get Coach K not too long ago. They were going to offer him the coaching position, the general manager's position, and up to $15 million a year.

Now? He told reporters that Coach K "doesn't have what his team needs in its next coach," according to the Wall Street Journal (that's billionaire for "I can't buy him").

During the conversation, he apparently also fired current G.M. Kiki Vandeweghe, or more accurately announced his plans without telling Vandeweghe first, allowed that Mark Cuban should probably not talk as much as he does, and solicited ideas for changing the team nickname.

Apparently not learning yet the money doesn't talk to everybody, he also figures he can pull a Steinbrenner and purchase enough talent to win the title.

Time will tell, but we may see first is a humbling of a fairly large ego.

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