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Sit Back And Witness Greatness

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It's hard to imagine how many people never had the privilege of watching Larry Bird play basketball. He was more or less done by the time of the Dream Team in 1992, meaning it's been 18 years since he could really play -- more actually because his feet and his back made the last couple of years a washout.

The thing that Bird reminded us of was that the genius of the game has never been in dunking and not even jumping, but rather in moving the ball. A great passer can negate just about anybody as you can see in these clips of Bird when he was young and healthy.

As exciting as a dunk can be, you usually have an idea that it's about to happen. That's not the case with a great pass because nobody except the passer and the recipient (usually anyway) know that it's about to happen.

If you saw Bird play, enjoy the reminiscence. If you didn't, watch this and realize how long we've been in this game without a truly spectacular passer.

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