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Challenge Pairings Announced!

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The ACC-Big Ten Challenge matchups were announced on Wednesday, and there are some interesting games scheduled.

Obviously Duke and Michigan State will be the highlight. Some of the other matchups will be really interesting too, though.

Monday, November 29th
Virginia @ Minnesota Big Ten
Tuesday, November 30th
North Carolina @ Illinois ACC
Ohio State @ Florida State Big Ten
Michigan @ Clemson ACC
Georgia Tech @ Northwestern Big Ten
Iowa @ Wake Forest ACC
Wednesday, December 1st
Michigan State @ Duke ACC
Purdue @ Virginia Tech ?
North Carolina State @ Wisconsin Big Ten
Indiana @ Boston College ?
Maryland @ Penn State ACC

Take Virginia and Minnesota, for instance. Aside from Minnesota's Ralph Sampson taking on his father's alma mater, both teams are highly focused on defense and will really slug it out on that end.

UNC and Illinois had very disappointing seasons and are looking to rebound, so it's a critical game for both.

Ohio State and Florida State will play in Tallahassee, but we don't really have a sense of that game yet.

Michigan will visit Clemson a year after the Tigers imploded against Illinois in the Challenge. The Tigers will have a new coach of course, and this will be a big game for Brad Brownell.

Georgia Tech, a team which often underachieves, will play Northwestern, a team that generally has to maximizes talent to be effective. Playing at Northwestern makes life tougher for Georgia Tech.

Iowa visits Wake Forest and both teams have new coaches and plentiful challenges, but one interesting aspect of the game will be the return to Winston-Salem of one-time Demon Deacon Fran "White Magic" McCaffrey. He ended up not exactly being White Magic and left Wake after a single season.

Purdue will travel to Virginia Tech in what could be the best matchup of the Challenge. Purdue should be great, but most people around the country have no idea how tough it is to play in Blacksburg.

State will take their newfound optimism to Wisconsin, and odds are they will experience a setback as Wisconsin forces them into an uncomfortably slow pace.

Indiana and Boston College, both rebuilding, will square off in Beantown. And Maryland will take on Penn State at Penn State.

We'll have a better idea in the fall, but right now, leaving two games aside for the moment, we see it breaking 5-4 to the ACC

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