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Okay, Who Hasn't Been To Rue Cler Yet?

Every so often we like to put a plug in for something we've tried or like, and when we do, it's just on our own, not for compensation. In this case, we'd like to tell you guys about a restaurant in Durham called Rue Cler.

We ate there a few weeks ago, and the food was just superb. It really made us think about French cuisine, the rural roots of their dishes polished by the remarkable traditions in Paris and other culinary capitals. To say they have a genius for it is severely understated. And Rue Cler has a brilliance too.

And on top of that, the staff was incredibly friendly and natural. It was without question on of the finest dining experiences we've had in the past decade. If you haven't eaten there, you really should. We can't recommend it highly enough. Tell 'em DBR sent ya! And grads, take your parents there for your big day! They might actually believe you've grown up!