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Dino And Al And Ollie, Oh My!

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So what's the deal with Wake and Dino Gaudio? The two best columns we've read so far are by Jim Young and Lenox Rawlings. Various factors are mentioned, from Gaudio's post-season failure to his personality and more.

With Gaudio's firing, the ACC has seen 1/4 of the coaching positions open up in the last 10 days, and 1/3 if you go back to next spring. This somewhat underscores our contention that coaching has been part of the perception that the ACC is down.

Of course, it won't matter if the hires are duds.

B.C. got a guy who clearly can coach, although he's never done it at this level (and that goes for recruiting as well). Clemson got blindsided, so that's a tough call there. We'll see what they do.

Wake's Ron Wellman, though, appears to have thought this through and we expect he has a plan. For one thing, he's already raised the money needed to buy Gaudio out. It's not a coincidence that he waited until after the Final Four and the coach's convention to announce his decision to fire him, either.

Here are some candidates who have seen their names mentioned, for what that's worth. One we hope doesn't: Frank Haith. The ACC has long resisted poaching coaches from member schools, which is a smart idea.

And Stevens? What is he thinking?

Whatever it is, it's probably not Clemson. Their search goes on, and while it does, unpleasant things are happening: ace recruit Marcus Thornton may ask to be released, and Devin Booker is considering a transfer.

Meanwhile, in Beantown, Steve Donahue is hitting the ground running. He's promising a faster, more aggressive style than Al Skinner brought and says B.C. is a place where a guy could win a national title.

Possible Wake Prospects

  • Brad Stevens, Butler
  • Brad Brownell, Wright State
  • Jeff Capel, Oklahoma
  • Rusty LaRue, Wake Assistant
  • Tubby Smith, Minnesota
  • Doug Wojick, Tulsa
  • Frank Haith

Possible Clemson Prospects

  • Ron Bradley (assistant)
  • Ken McDonald, Western Kentucky
  • Shaka Smart, VCU
  • Gregg Marshall, Wichita State

Wake Links

Clemson Links

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