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ACC Dominates Title Hunt

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It's worth mentioning that since 2001, the ACC has won half the national titles. The Big East got two, the SEC two as well, and the Big 12 one. Also worth noting: since 1982, the ACC has won titles in pairs, with the exception of 2005. And if Duke hadn't gotten in late foul trouble in 2004 against UConn, they would likely have beaten Georgia Tech to keep the trend perfect. Actually, if they had held on against UConn, it would have assured an ACC title either way.

2001 - Duke ACC
2002 - Maryland ACC
2003 - Syracuse Big East
2004 - UConn Big East
2005 - UNC ACC
2006 - Florida SEC
2007 - Florida SEC
2008 - Kansas Big 12
2009 - UNC ACC
2010 - Duke ACC
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