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Bad Form By Purnell

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We have to say, we were disappointed not so much with Oliver Purnell's decision to go to DePaul as how he handled it: a 1:30 a.m. phone call to your A.D. to tell him you're leaving? The first he hears of it? Not telling your players personally? Demontez Stitt says that Purnell called him Friday from the Final Four and talked extensively, but that he never mentioned the possibility of the DePaul job.

That's just a textbook example of handling things poorly.

Will he do well at DePaul? Yes, we think he will. And what about Clemson? Here are the early names we've seen mentioned:

  • Western Kentucky's Ken McDonald
  • VCU's Shaka Smart
  • Butler's Brad Stevens
  • Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall
  • Clemson assistant Ron Bradley

They can forget Stevens; that won't happen. If he wants a bigger job it won't be Clemson. We don't know much about Ken McDonald, but we have heard that Marshall can be a difficult guy to deal with. And Smart? He seems like a very capable, smart guy. You could do worse.

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