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A Difficult Comparison

This writer falls into the trap of assuming that people who coach men and women's basketball are doing the same thing. There are serious differences, starting first with the talent level. Geno Auriemma said the other day that, like most women's coaches, he recruits men from campus to help toughen his team up. One of the guys said they win about 35% of the time. These are average college students mind you, not guys who could walk on to Jim Calhoun's team.

Secondly, the game is played with different rules and equipment. And third, like women's soccer, parity has yet to arrive. Auriemma and Pat Head Summitt dominate the women's game, but to an extent, it's inevitable.

It would be interesting to see them on the men's side, or Coach K on the women's, to see how they would do against each other, but barring that, it's very difficult to compare directly.