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From The (Bluegrass) Mailbag


First, let me begin by saying I am a lifelong Duke fan of nearly thirty years, and I am from Kentucky. Explaining that story would take more time than you want. Trust me.

I write to apologize. Several times this year, I have emailed you in response to your reactions towards UK. Living here has made me painfully aware of how blinding a love for your team can make a fan; often, when you likely pointed out the obvious (i.e. – Calipari is a schmuck) I emailed you rather fruitlessly to express my disdain for Duke fans behaving like the rabid Wildcat fan base. Let me apologize immediately and deeply.

My phone hasn’t stopped since the buzzer sounded last night. Some light-hearted jabs at my fandom from close friends; but equally as many people spouting the typical trash. I won’t even go into how ugly my Facebook wall became after the win. So, today, my disgust with the UK fan base is at an all time high. Their parade was indeed rained out, and no one could do it better than Duke. Their hate isn’t about “a shot”. They know that Duke has become everything they desire for their program. They realize that Coach K has always done things the right way, and continues to innovate and win despite the game changing around him. They know deep down that no matter how much money they throw around, Duke still manages to crawl inch by inch closer to their perceived untouchable status, all the while not having to rely on shady AAU dealings and players that leave town before they even step foot on campus. Deep down, Duke is everything UK fans want UK to be. This isn’t hyperbole – this is first-hand experience.

I rely heavily on your site to stay up to date on the dealings of Duke basketball. Thank you. Congrats on being a intricate part of a great season.