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Hey Duke Fans, Drop Da'Sean A Note! (Updated)

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Although it looked for a while as if Da'Sean Butler had just sprained his knee, as it turns out, it's much worse than that. We really grew to respect him during the posteason, not just as a basketball player but because it seems like all the nice things they say about him are probably true. A lot of you, we know, have had the same reaction.

Watching him go down like that was painful and like many people, our hearts went out to him. So we'd like to suggest that if you have a minute, why not drop him a line and tell him so? The address is for a member of the basketball staff at WVU, but we're sure he'll forward the messages.

Update: We've tried two different addresses from West Virginia's site and they've both bounced. So here's the link to the basketball staff page. Our suggestion: start at the stop of the e-mail addresses and work down. If you'll let us know which one actually works we'll link it.

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