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Not Exactly

Like pretty much everyone, we're very happy to hear that Da'Sean Butler's knee is only sprained. It didn't take long to discover that he's a likeable guy and someone you can pull for when you're not playing him. And we also were moved by Bob Huggins' kindness when Butler was writhing in agony.

But as noble a moment as that was, what happened before that was unfortunate. We sort of heard Huggins' comments to the official, but not all of it: "Ain't no foul? Right, John? Ain't no foul? An All-American player laying there, and this ain't no foul?"

Well, no. After looking at the tape again, it was very close, but Zoubek appeared to have position first. It's a judgment call, and the officials do the best they can, but that's a very tough thing to do when the game is as fast as it is. Duke wins some of those calls and loses some, just like everyone else. That's not the thing that bugged us, though.

What does being an All-American have to do with anything? Either the defender got there in time or he didn't, and that's the only issue. Wasn't this at the heart of the Duke-gets-all-the-calls garbage? And now Huggins says it should work in Butler's favor?