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Butler-Michigan State Prediction

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Naturally, and as you likely would expect, we're going with Duke in the national semifinals. But what about the other game? That's a very tough call.

Both teams are exemplary, both coaches superb. Tom Izzo obviously has more experience than does Brad Stevens, but Stevens has done a phenomenal job with his Butler team. For a guy who looks young enough to sometimes be mistaken for one of his players, Stevens at this point looks like he's off on a long and brilliant career.

So this is a very tough game to call. Izzo as usual has done a remarkable job getting his team ready for the tournament. However, here's what we think is the deciding factor: Kalin Lucas is out for the year, Delvon Roe is playing on two bad knees, and Chris Allen is hurting too. That's basically a quarter of the roster. Given these injuries and Butler's brilliant defense, we think the Bulldogs will prevail.

However, it wouldn't surprise at all see Michigan State pull it off. They are an extraordinary program.

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