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That 2008 Floor Slap...

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Typically, Duke doesn't respond much to provocations from other teams or players. The great exception was Chris Carrawell, who always said exactly what he thought, whenever he thought it, and wherever he happened to be. The guy was and remains a blast, a one-man party, entertaining whenever he speaks.

Normally though, those things are kept inside the gym and the locker room. The 2008 West Virginia game though left a bad taste in Duke's mouth.

When asked about Joe Mazzulla's famous floor slap, Brian Zoubek said “how do you forget something like that?” He also said “[t]hat was a really tough year for us and to go out like that, where we were outfought and everybody knew it, that was the worst part for me."

Lance Thomas said “We’ve grown, especially since that loss to them two years ago. I mean, I took it personal.”

That's about as much as anybody has publicly addressed it, but you can be sure that they haven't forgotten.

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