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Leslie: How Big? Really Big

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How big is CJ Leslie to State? Pretty darn big. It not only gives Sidney Lowe a really good player to build around, it means that State has a tremendous three player class coming in, a legitimate ACC backcourt and a forward as talented as anyone.

Add them to Tracy Smith, Richard Howell, Scott Wood and C.J. Williams, and you're looking at a pretty good ACC team.

Or should be anyway. Things have to play out first, of course, before one can judge, and as great as Leslie's talent is, there were some serious reservations about him because of his character. People were dismayed this year by his lack of maturity on the court and his habit of, well, more or less taunting. That'll have to go.

But big deal. For State fans, getting this class is a dream come true. They'll need another good one behind it, or maybe a late recruit or two this spring for depth.

If all goes well for State - and State fans will remind you that's a big if - then the Pack should be back. No Princeton offense, no micromanagement from El Sid, just lots of fast, lean, high-jumping guys in red who can pack fans in. We hope so. It's not nearly as fun when State stinks.

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