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Feinstein's Inner Matthau Is Really A Marshmallow

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John Feinstein, since his days with the Chronicle, has always seemed like a young man in a hurry to become a curmudgeon. It's sort of the Oscar paradox: the only thing that makes him happy is being grouchy.

One chase the other into submission. It's hard to get a good night's sleep with all that going on.

So it's nice periodically to read Feinstein with some unreservedly kind words about someone, in this case, the late Jim Valvano.

You don't have to be ill or dead to get a kind word from Feinstein, but it doesn't hurt and it's not common. It's nice to be periodically reminded that under all the gruffness is a guy who probably is pretty decent. Reminds, in general, of some guy...hmmm...our head's bobbing, but we'll get it before the end of the Knight.

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